Welcome to the Pliva Lake!

Pliva Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its crystal clear emerald green water will take your breath away.

The Large and Small Pliva Lake (Veliko i malo Plivsko jezero) located in the Pliva Valley are the jewel of Central Bosnia. Pliva lakes have always attracted tourists, athletes and nature lovers. The Large Pliva Lake is 3300 meters long and about 400 meters wide, and in 1963 it hosted the seventh European and Extraordinary World Championship in kayaking and canoeing on calm waters. Due to the specificity of water density and its extremely calm nature, this lake is ideal for sports enthusiasts engaged in rowing disciplines. Of course, don't forget the historic watermills built in 1562, which fully complete the breathtaking beauty of the Pliva Lake. The Large Pliva Lake is one of the two habitats of the extremely rare lake trout Zlatovčica, and it is extremely rich in other fauna.

Of course, if you just want to walk around the lake, or enjoy a boat or electric pedal boat ride, feed the ducks or just fish, here you will surely find your peace.